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Mini Racing Drivers Club of New Zealand

Minis have been involved in Motorsport since 1959, from rallying to drag racing… and during this time they have been competing on the race circuits of the world. A racing class for Minis began in New Zealand in 1972, with the advent of the Mini-7 formula. Until 1996, Mini-7’s raced with the 850cc engine, before changing to the current 1000cc motor. With the demise of the Mini-7 class in the North Island during the mid-1990’s, the multi-class format which we run today was formed.

Many well known drivers have raced Minis at some time in New Zealand at some time.. Jim Richards, Kayne Scott, Angus Fogg and Jason Richards to name a few.

Mini Racing Drivers Club is proud to be associated with the IRC

8025303The IRC Race series is all about racing. Non-stop motorsport from 10 to 12 different classes all racing at a single event. The IRC offers what no other racing series in New Zealand does, and at family friendly prices.

At any IRC event you will see Minis to Mustangs, Datsuns to Mercedes, Porsche to VW. All different colours, shapes and sounds. And even better, you can go to the drivers without charge, we have posters and stickers in the pits, and we love to tell you about our cars.

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Mini Racing Drivers Club of New Zealand